Men Shaving Products

Timothy's Smooth Shave Gel and Soft Skin Shave Cream were designed for men who experience irritation and have sensitive skin. We have designed unique products that do not contain alcohol, fragrance or parabens. We have also added a proprietary lubricating skin conditioner that will soften the skin. Timothy's shaving Gel is a one of a kind product designed to provide 100% visibility while shaving. Our clear gel does not foam up, therefore it allows you to groom around your beard or mustache. The clear gel is also very beneficial when shaving your neckline and around the Adam's apple, which prevents against nicks and cuts. Timothy's Soft Skin Shave Cream offers you all the benefits of our gel product combined with a white visual layer to will allow you to see where you have shaved.

RazorSharp 5 Blade Razor system is our second generation of the RazorSharp family of razors. This is our newest updated razor system that has the added feature of a trimmer blade for close shaves under the nose and sideburns.

We have also enhanced the handle now to include a more comfortable rubber gripping that extends down the handle. The new RazorSharp handle is also slightly longer and heavier so it feels more balanced in your hands.

This latest generation of RazorSharp offers the following features to insure a close and comfortable shave. Special pricing includes 3 cartridges, a handle and your choice of 2-.7 ounces creams or gels.

Product features:

1. Guard trimmer blade on the back of the razor is designed for hard-to-shave areas like sideburns and under the nose.

2. Aloe Vera, Vitamin E lubrication strip reduce skin sensitivity , effectively protect and moisturize your skin to deliver a smooth shave.

3. Stainless steel blade with platinum coating features a sharp and durable progressive five blade razor head. This design delivers a quick, clean and comfortable shave.

4. Wide soft rubber guard bar with comb helps to prepare the beard hair by straightening them in advance, this reduces the tugging and pulling that leads to irritation.

5. Unique and patented push button release, easy to change the new blade replacement safely.

6. Ergonomically heavy-duty weighted handle combines a metal alloy with a soft TPE rubber grip that fits better in your hand.

7. Pivoting razor head follows the sensitive contours of the face. Following the angles of the face insures a perfect shave.


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