Women shaving products


Our Smooth Skin Shave Gel and Soft Skin Shave Cream were designed for women with sensitive skin. Both our products are free of alcohol, fragrance and parabens. Our Smooth Shave Gel is always clear and does not foam up, this will allow you to see where you are shaving. Our Soft Skin Shave Cream is a slick and lubricating formula that will insure a close and comfortable shave without irritation, but with the added feature of a white layer so you can see where you have shaved.

Timothy's SkinCare has designed two unique shaving products for women. All of our products are hypo-allergenic and have been dermatology tested. Our products have also been put through extensive testing using the RIPT methods. 

TIMOTHY’S Soft Skin Shave Cream and Smooth Skin Shave Gel is a unique blend of lubricating ingredients that soften and lift the hair for the closest possible shave. Our proprietary formula also softens the skin while protecting it from nicks, cuts and ingrown hairs, leaving your skin incredibly supple and smooth!

      * Rich cream and gel leaves skin soft and hydrated

      * Razor glides across the skin for total comfort

      * Formulated to reduce irritation and dryness

      * Designed for sensitive skin

      * Alcohol free

      * Fragrance free

      * Paraben free

      * Hypo-allergenic



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